The relationship between lower back problems and a deficiency in Vitamin D

Through the years there have been several discussions on whether or not there is some relation between lower back pain and a deficiency in Vitamin D in a person’s body. It has been recently proved that there such a connection does exist.

Low levels of this vitamin cause osteomalacia, which is softening of the bones of the human body. This phenomenon can lead to a certain amount of pain the lower back. It is also a known fact that women are more prone to getting this when compared to men.

spinal x rayThis phenomenon usually occurs in people of the age of sixty five years and above. Most people belonging to this age group had a slight deficiency in vitamin D and were experiencing back pain of various degrees. However, you can always increase your intake of vitamin D by standing out in the early morning sunlight for at least fifteen minutes at a stretch.

If you have continuous lower back soreness with no other symptoms or reasons for having this may, you should consult your doctor about getting a bigger ratio of vitamin D into your system.