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Behavior Charts – How they can help your child

Using Chore Charts To Help Children Get Through Their Duties

There is something about chore charts that kids like when they are able to check off their accomplishments as they complete their tasks. It is one thing to verbally give praise, and that of course is important, but it is another for them to be proactive themselves in attending to the matter. A homemade chart, or one that is commercially designed serves the same purpose in giving incentive to see the end goal, and than take meaningful steps toward the actualization of that objective. The psychological boost that occurs when the child can see progress by his or her own hand is priceless.

Most kids are terribly unorganized by nature unless parents help them find some order in their lives. Participating in the family duties on a daily basis, not only helps them to become more organized, but it also teaches them responsibility and accountability. When they realize that they play a part in the family’s functioning apparatus, the feel more a part of things and it also helps their self-esteem. Having chore charts that keeps track of their accomplishments on a chore by chore, day by day basis, gives a sense of duty and accomplishment for your child. If there is a meaningful reward at the end of the chore, or a series of chores, then the work/reward system begins to make sense.

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This is invaluable teaching because that is how life really works. You get a job, you do certain things that the job requires, you get paid. Very simple. The child learns this scenario by having a system at home that works in a similar way for chores and home duties. When the child gets used to doing his or her chores each day, and each week, they then become a more contributing member of the family and can be rewarded accordingly. As they get older, more important and difficult chores can be assigned, and chore charts can be made to reflect this, and more significant rewards can be instituted as well. A great suggestion for a homemade chart is to make the behavior charts in accordance with the duties that the child is to accomplish, make it with vibrant colors in order to visually section off the key areas, and then get the chart laminated. That way, you can wipe it clean at the start of each week, and save countless pieces of paper.

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