Commercial Painting In Melbourne: A guide for getting the best out of your painter

Getting your commercial property painted is always a joy, it means a lot for your business. Your property looks new and things freshen up for a change, but it’s so easy to go so wrong with the wrong choice of materials or maybe hiring the wrong painters. It’s an arduous task to plan the new appearance of your building and it’s even harder to execute it.

There are a few secrets of pro painters that you should know to get the best value for money from your commercial painting Melbourne job.

• Samples:
When you go to paint store do not judge colors from the tiny palettes you see. Colors look different in different surroundings so buy some samples of colors you think will look good on the specific walls you have in mind and apply the paint at home to see how it looks.

• Check surface area:
Calculate the surface area of walls you want to get painted and ask for paint according to requirements to avoid purchasing extra cans.

• Quality:
Always ask for quality products and never purchase anything that’s not up to the mark no matter how good the deal is. Make sure you purchase adequate amounts for two coats of paint.

• Cleaning:
Before the commercial painters come to work make sure the property is cleaned thoroughly to allow a smooth paint job so the house painters don’t face any hassles later.

• Furniture:
Make sure all furniture is moved or adequately covered so that paint does not spill on them. Creating space for the painters to work freely is a must, all unnecessary hindrances should be cleared out to a safe place.

• Hiring painters:
This is the toughest part where you will be spoilt for choice and you need to make sure you hire the correct contractor. Ask people you know who have gotten their premises painted in the recent past about contractors. Get estimates from multiple independent contractors you shortlist to find the best quote, do not fail to negotiate and strike the perfect deal. Make sure you verify licenses and ask details about the contractors to avoid getting scammed. Check references and only when you are satisfied, hire them.

• Review the contract:
Make sure you check the contract details especially time, preparation and payment details.
Once you have gone through these steps you will have absolutely no problems in hiring the right contractor and all that will be left is to wait and see the paint job brighten up your retail, industrial or commercial property