How To Choose The Perfect Cocktail Wedding Venue

A cocktail wedding reception is an option many brides to be are tossing up when it comes to planning their special wedding day.. It is not the most common type of wedding event but in this day and age it is getting more and more popular with both young and old. These cocktail receptions are fun affairs and will have everyone swinging from the chandeliers – well maybe not every time, but you get the drift – you will have a ball!

Choosing the right cocktail wedding venue will be an important factor in determining the success of the reception, the following tips in this video can be used in the selection:

1. Look for wedding venues that will cater to your type of cocktail reception. If the reception is a standing only reception, the guests will therefore have to spend most of the time standing. This event is usually shorter due to the possible tiredness. You can inquire from the venue concerning a cocktail that has sit-down meals so that the reception can accommodate the more formal parts of the reception which include toasts and assorted activities like speeches. Another cocktail that can be done is one with seats where the mix cocktail tables can be mixed with seats. This setup combines relaxation and casualness so that when your guests get tired of standing, they can socialize while sitting.

2. A cocktail reception requires proper timing because it should ideally be held between the hours of five pm to seven pm. Planning for a reception earlier than this will mean that your guests may not want to eat and a reception later than this will imply that there will be a full meal. Therefore the venue for the reception should be available between two to three hours.

3. The venue for the reception can include a poolside, terrace, at an art gallery, on a city rooftop as well as a room in a museum. These are perfect settings for the reception because they allow your guests to walk around. Wedding halls as well as reception spaces can be used but they must be a good fit and also conducive to a cocktail reception. There can be a combination of high top tables and traditional round tables. This enables those who want to stand to have a place where they can place their drink and plate. Depending on the age of your guests, you can provide seats for fifty percent of your guests by using lounge seats, bar seating or picnic benches.

4. If the venue offers catering, make sure they have some unique options they can offer in addition to the typical options. They should also have capable staff who can serve your guests. However before selecting them, always ask for references from their past customers. The food offered should be phased in different acts’ so as to keep the guests engaged and feeling like they are being offered something new and different. This will therefore build excitement as well as anticipation of the next food that is about to be offered.

5. Choose a venue that can provide your signature cocktail which can perfectly compliment your cocktail wedding food and drink choices. You can arrange to have one or more drinks which tie into your wedding theme or even have a favorite drink which you can share with your guests.

6. The entertainment you select should depend on the overall theme of your wedding. Some venues can help you select in case you want a small band like a quartet or trio and if the event is large then you can hire a DJ. The entertainment chosen should therefore fit your theme, reception space and overall wedding event.

7. Select a venue that has a wet bar with a large amount of alcohol to accommodate your guests, it is also important to have enough variety to satisfy every taste.

The following are benefits of having a cocktail reception:

> People can mingle and socialize easily and this removes the boredom that can be associated with weddings.

> Many couples feel the need to entertain their guests and therefore they enjoy the cocktail receptions because there is entertainment like a band, a DJ as well as other forms of entertainment.

> The receptions create a relaxed atmosphere as compared to the atmosphere during the formal weddings.

> They are affordable as compared to the formal weddings

> The cocktail reception usually lasts a few hours, and this assures the hosts of a short time during which guests should be cared for.

> Cocktails are a good option for a couple with a diverse group of friends because the guests are able to mingle instead of being placed across the table or next to a particular person.

> Cocktail menus are not confined to a specific dish, but consist of little treats which give guests several choices.