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Why Roof Restoration is Very Popular

The process of roof restoration is one that involves repairing, cleaning, re-painting and re-sealing to upgrade and rejuvenate the roof.

The popularity of roof restoration in Melbourne is increasing because:

1.The restoration process is faster, cleaner, less noisy, and less labor intensive. This makes it less disruptive to the buildings, people and properties than tearing off the existing roof and installing a new one

2. There is a warranty in place that will protect the repairs and restoration. This is important because after the warranty term ends, the roof can be cleaned and a new topcoat reapplied with a brand new warranty in place

3. As a result of the repair work, the roofs last up to fifteen years longer and restorations can continually be done to further extend the life of the roof

4.The process is safer than a tear off or a roof replacement

5. Due to increases in the prices of roofing materials, labor and insurance, replacing a roof is a costly affair as compared to the restoration process which is cost effective since the materials required to restore are not as expensive

6. Restorations are usually classified as a maintenance and is therefore expensed in the accounting period it has occurred. This becomes beneficial in terms of taxation unlike a new roof system which becomes a capital asset and has to be depreciated over a long period

7. Fixing your roofing will reduce the monthly cooling costs on the building .This is very important because heat and UV rays will cause thermal shock and rapid deterioration of roofing materials. This eventually results in accelerated aging, splits, lost flexibility and cracks. The heat build-up on the roof can lead to increased building temperatures, discomfort and increased energy consumption and costs. Once restoration is done, the roof systems become cool and therefore reduce roof temperatures and roof maintenance requirements. To get a roof repairs Melbourne quote – give Eastern Melbourne Roofing a call or make an enquiry by finding them online.

8. Restoration and repair is an effective process because it will involve cleaning the roof to rid it of any dirt or debris. The process will easily identify all the damaged parts of the roof which can then be repaired

9.The roof after the restoration, will look appealing with an almost new appearance

10. It is an expectation from the federal government that commercial roofs are depreciated over a thirty nine year period, it is therefore more economical to do a restoration that will extend the roof life to meet that standard

11. With a restoration, there will be some savings on insurance especially if the roof is upgraded to a Class A fire rating which will promote safety as well as reduce insurance costs